Immigration Services

Our Immigration services include:

• Citizenship applications

• Permanent Residence permits

• Visas Entry

• Expert legal advice on all immigration matters

We would like to emphasize that our company has actual experience in preparing and filing successful Citizenship and Permanent Residence (PR) applications. All of our clients’ applications for Cypriot Citizenship or Permanent Residence have been successful.

How easy it is to acquire the Cyprus Citizenship or PR?
The whole process of applying and receiving the Cyprus Citizenship or PR is a fast and rather routine procedure as long as it is handled by professionals.

We at L. LOUCAIDES-THEOPHANOUS LLC with more than 25 years of experience can assist you to apply for the Cyprus Citizenship or PR.

We specialize in Immigration matters and can assist you in every step for the acquisition of the Cyprus Citizenship or PR. All of our clients’ applications for acquiring Cyprus Citizenship or PR have been successful.