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Property Law

Our firm has extensive experience in real estate cases in Cyprus. Our team embraces with professionalism all the sectors of the real estate transactions. We advise and assist our clients in the purchase and sale of their properties and we are here to guide them step by step through the legal procedure that must be followed from the start until completion of the transaction.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising on the terms of the purchase/sale
  • Exercising the due diligence procedure and all the preliminary checks regarding the property
  • Drafting/reviewing the contract of sale
  • Lodging the contract of sale to the District Land Registry Office
  • Obtaining tax clearance certificates from the competent Authorities
  • Obtaining permit for acquisition from the Council of Ministers for non-EU nationals
  • Preparation and submission of all documents required for the completion of the conveyance and transfer of the title deed